Tree Trimming in Tallahassee, FL

Tree Trimming in Tallahassee, FL

Shape your trees with professional tree pruning

Your trees play an important role in your yard—make sure they are well taken care of. Healthy trees can be stunning additions to your yard that bring shade and gently rustling branches. DCG Lawn Care Services, LLC will make sure that your trees stay healthy and beautiful all year with our tree trimming and tree pruning services in Tallahassee, FL.

We will prune your trees and clean up all of the branches so that you won’t have to worry about limbs falling from overgrown trees, littering your yard. Discover how much difference tree trimming and tree pruning makes in the health and appearance of your tree. Contact us today for more information.

Why hire a tree trimming service?

You might wonder why it’s important to keep your trees trimmed.

Here are the top three reasons to regular have your trees trimmed and pruned in Tallahassee, FL:

  • Safety—if a storm comes through, an overgrown tree might be in more danger of losing limbs or toppling over on your home.
  • Health—regular pruning improves the health of your tree, doing away with dead branches and useless “shooters.”
  • Appearance—a well-trimmed tree looks a lot better than a tree that is overgrown and unruly.

Call us today to learn more about our tree trimming and tree pruning services.